As Hurricane Nigel grows, Bermuda braces for potential impact

by Shura Guseva

The Atlantic Ocean witnesses yet another climatic spectacle as Hurricane Nigel continues to escalate in its power. With increasing wind speeds and surging potential, the U.S. National Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on its trajectory. On Tuesday, meteorological observations revealed that Hurricane Nigel had reached sustained winds of up to 90 mph, classifying it as a Category 1 storm. This is a notable escalation from the 80 mph recorded earlier, drawing attention to its rapid intensification.

As Hurricane Nigel grows, Bermuda braces for potential impact

The hurricane’s epicenter was mapped approximately 630 miles east of the Bermuda territory. Although there are no immediate coastal alerts in place, Bermuda could potentially experience hazardous surf conditions. Swells generated by the storm might lead to perilous rip currents and treacherous sea conditions, urging locals and tourists to exercise caution. Despite its growing strength, there’s a silver lining on the horizon. Predictions from the Miami-based hurricane center suggest a potential weakening of Hurricane Nigel in the coming days. By Thursday and Friday, the storm’s power is expected to diminish, bringing relief to many keeping watch.

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