EU launches formal talks with Ukraine, Moldova for membership

by Shura Guseva

In a significant development, the European Union is set to formally begin membership negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, following a unanimous decision by the EU’s member states last week. The initiation of these talks will be officially marked by a ceremonial event in Luxembourg this Tuesday, symbolizing a major step for both countries in distancing themselves from their Soviet histories.

EU launches formal talks with Ukraine, Moldova for membership

This move is particularly significant for Ukraine, which is currently engaged in a military conflict, as it represents a substantial encouragement and an acknowledgment of its ongoing efforts to integrate more closely with Western Europe. Despite the hopeful commencement, the journey towards EU membership is expected to be lengthy and fraught with legal and political challenges.

The process begins with a comprehensive screening of the legal systems of Ukraine and Moldova to ensure compatibility with EU regulations. This stage is crucial as it will determine the areas where significant reforms are necessary to align with the Union’s stringent standards. The discussions will extend across various sectors, including governance, economic policies, and social standards, each requiring meticulous negotiations and adjustments.

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