Flooding in Kenya claims 228 lives, displaces thousands

by Shura Guseva

The relentless downpours across Kenya have now claimed 228 lives, with the Interior Ministry reporting a sharp rise in fatalities due to the devastating floods and associated landslides, according to an announcement made on Sunday, May 5th, 2024. This crisis has escalated as the nation grapples with infrastructure destruction and massive displacements, affecting its position as East Africa’s largest economy.

Flooding in Kenya claims 228 lives, displaces thousands

As the torrential rains persist, causing rivers to overflow and hillsides to collapse, forecasts predict worsening conditions throughout May. The ministry highlighted the high risk of further flooding in low-lying, riparian, and urban areas, along with a significant threat of landslides and mudslides in regions characterized by steep slopes and deep ravines.

The adverse weather has also led to severe injuries, with at least 164 people reported hurt amid the chaos. Moreover, the floods have driven over 212,630 residents from their homes, seeking refuge from the rising waters and unstable grounds. The destruction spans across homes, roads, and bridges, disrupting daily life and posing severe challenges to rescue and relief efforts.

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