Freediver reaches bottom of deepest pool in the world in 57 seconds

by Shura Guseva

In a record-breaking dive at Deep Dive Dubai, the world’s deepest pool, Russian free diving champion Alexey Molchanov dived 60 metres and returned to the surface in 57 seconds, breaking the world record for fastest dive. In the process, he broke all records that were currently held at the location. Molchanov performed the feat using “lung packing,” a breathing technique that allows divers to breathe up to two gallons of air and stay underwater for minutes at a time. He reached the depths of Deep Dive Dubai’s pool in just one breath thanks to this technique, which he has perfected over the years.

Freediver reaches bottom of deepest pool in the world in 57 secondsTo perform free diving, the human body requires intensive training and acclimatization. The underwater depths require experienced divers like Alexey to reduce their heart rate by more than half. Deep Dive Dubai offers a unique diving experience. This is a world-record-breaking facility that allows thrill-seekers to dive into another dimension. Its 60-metre depth is the deepest in the world, allowing everyone to discover their potential while also discovering an underwater world filled with adventure.

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