LBank Announces a Blockbuster Roadshow to Facilitate Web3 and Crypto Adoption

by Shura Guseva

Dubai, UAE / LBank, a global digital asset trading platform, is set to embark on an exciting educational initiative to enhance cryptocurrency awareness in key regions worldwide. The ‘LBank Roadshow,’ a series of events, will be held in seven major cities, spanning June to August. As part of the broader LBank events, the LBank Roadshow focuses explicitly on fostering the development of the thriving blockchain and crypto ecosystems in India, Seoul, Bangkok, Manila, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, and Tokyo. By empowering and inspiring younger generations to embrace Web3 and leverage crypto tools, this initiative seeks to propel the adoption and understanding of these transformative technologies.

LBank, Wednesday, June 28, 2023, Press release picture

Innovation serves as a fundamental driving force for any team or projects striving to maintain a competitive edge, particularly in the realm of Web3. Its significance cannot be underestimated. However, even with seminal ideas, their potential can remain unrealized if they aren’t shared with the appropriate audience. This is precisely where LBank steps in. Introducing the LBank Roadshow, a collection of complimentary one-day events designed to provide traders, crypto enthusiasts, developers, and builders worldwide with workshops and panel discussions. The Roadshow presents an exceptional opportunity to acquire fresh Web3 skills, gain visibility, forge valuable connections, and propel your innovative ventures to new heights.

LBank recognizes the vital role played by crypto enthusiasts in nurturing the web3 ecosystem. To cater to their needs and provide an enriching experience, we have curated a remarkable series of events. Immerse yourself in a range of captivating activities, such as enlightening educational sessions, stimulating panel discussions, captivating keynote speeches, and invaluable networking opportunities with fellow passionate individuals who share your interests.

LBank CEO, Allen Wei said, “We are committed to empowering the growth and prosperity of our listed projects, and our roadshow events provide an ideal platform to enhance their market impact. These events offer a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with potential investors, developers, partners, and users while immersing themselves in the thriving crypto communities of these cities.”

He further stated: “As we establish our global presence through the ‘Web3 Connect’ Roadshow events, we strive to lead the way in driving positive change within the crypto world.”

Registrations for the Roadshow will be strictly curated so that we assemble high-quality cohorts at each event. Registration also comes with an amazing affiliate program and promotional offers.

Promotional Offers
To expand its influence and gain more substantial support from the cryptocurrency community, LBank is introducing enticing incentives for traders on its platform. Users now have the chance to earn bonuses while also being invited to participate in an enriching affiliate program.

As a gesture of goodwill, LBank is granting new users the exclusive privilege of testing the platform with a live account that comes pre-funded with a registration bonus. Adding to the excitement, all new users will also receive a daily trading bonus. To claim this bonus, new users simply need to follow us.

Through LBank’s Affiliate Program, users have the potential to earn impressive commissions of up to 50% from direct traffic, including Maker Fees payments. Additionally, indirect traffic generated through sub-affiliates offers an extra 20% in commissions. This presents a remarkable opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to capitalize on one of the most outstanding affiliate programs available in the industry, enabling them to potentially earn a substantial income.

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