SF Express launches operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport

by Shura Guseva

The Abu Dhabi International Airport, managed by Abu Dhabi Airports, recently welcomed the inaugural cargo flight from SF Express, marking the Chinese logistics behemoth’s first foray into the region. This inaugural flight is a key marker of a robust strategic alliance with industry giants Etihad Cargo and Kerry Logistics. This development further bolsters the airport’s reputation as an essential regional hub for cargo services.

SF Express launches operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport

SF Express, based in China and globally acknowledged as a leading provider of express logistics services, has been making significant strides in its international expansion strategy. The initiation of operations between Wuhan in China and Abu Dhabi is a noteworthy leap forward in the company’s endeavor to be a major player in the logistics and cargo industry worldwide.

The arrival of SF Express at the Abu Dhabi International Airport is a significant milestone in the airport’s mission to evolve into a top-tier cargo and logistics hub in the Middle East. The anticipation of more such partnerships and collaborations is palpable as Abu Dhabi continues its journey to become a primary air cargo hub.

Through its alliance with industry leaders Etihad Cargo and Kerry Logistics, SF Express is poised to reap significant benefits. This partnership will enable SF Express to draw from the extensive expertise and resources of these global providers, thereby augmenting the quality and reliability of its service delivery to customers. This collaboration with Abu Dhabi Airports is seen as a significant milestone that is likely to produce mutual benefits for all parties involved.

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