Tragic highway collapse in China leaves 24 dead, 30 injured

by Shura Guseva

In a tragic incident, 24 individuals lost their lives while 30 others sustained injuries following the collapse of a segment of a highway in Meizhou, located in the Guangdong province of China. The catastrophe unfolded on Wednesday morning, as confirmed by local authorities. Reports from China Daily reveal that the collapse, which occurred at approximately 2:10 am, entangled a total of 20 vehicles.

Tragic highway collapse in China leaves 24 dead, 30 injured

It is notable that neither passenger buses nor vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals were involved in the incident. The collapsed section of the highway spanned nearly 18 meters, covering an area of approximately 184 square meters. Following the disaster, the injured individuals, numbering 30, were promptly transported to nearby hospitals. Fortunately, their conditions were reported as non-critical.

In response to the crisis, local authorities swiftly mobilized a rescue operation, establishing a headquarters comprising over 500 personnel from various sectors including public security, emergency response, fire and rescue, and healthcare. As investigations into the cause of the collapse commence, the affected highway has been shut down by authorities, emphasizing the urgency of determining the underlying factors behind the tragic event.

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